Welcome to River Sprouts

Hello and welcome to the official River Sprouts Website!

River Sprouts is a nonprofit focused on the welfare of the citizens of Rocky River. Run by a group of dedicated high-school girls, River Sprouts’ goal is to make sure that every person in our city has fresh, healthy food. This dream sprouted around 5 years ago, and with generous support from the community, River Sprouts has grown exponentially. We built a greenhouse near our community garden to plant and harvest food for Rocky River citizens who are in need.

Today, our greenhouse produces many kinds of vegetables and distributes them to the RRAP (Rocky River Assistance Program) and homebound seniors. However, there’s always more we can do, and you can help us! Here, on our website, you can access schedules of harvests, contact us, find ways to support the mission, and more.

First Energy donation

Many thanks to the First Energy Foundation for its generous contribution to River Sprouts and its support of our greenhouse STEM initiative.