Who We Are

We are a group of students currently in high school from Rocky River, Ohio.

Meet some of us:


Favorite Vegetable: Peppers

“I love being able to help my community in a direct and rewarding way, and I think that this experience has opened my eyes and made me a better person in return.”



Favorite Vegetable: Cucumbers

“My favorite part about being in River Sprouts is that it has not only given me the opportunity to create change in the community, but it also made me more dedicated and caring as a whole.”



Favorite Vegetable: Arugula

“We need to have a River Sprouts poetry slam.”



Favorite Vegetable: Potatoes in all forms

“My two favorite things about River Sprouts: I can actively help others in a way that allows me to see the process through from beginning to end, and more importantly, free doughnuts.”



Favorite Vegetable: Cucumbers

“My favorite memory is when we were all taking a picture outside the greenhouse after a harvest and it was supposed to be one of those where everybody jumps on three, but Cora jumped too late, so in the picture, she was still crouching on the group while everybody was in midair. It was really funny.”



Favorite Vegetable: Green Beans

“My favorite memory is when the greenhouse was finally done and we gift-wrapped it and took funny photos.”



Favorite Vegetable:



Favorite Vegetable: Carrots

“The best memory of River Sprouts I have is when we went to the greenhouse for the first time after we actually started growing plants for other people.”



Favorite Vegetable:



Favorite Vegetable: Potatoes (if those count as vegetables)

“My favorite memory is the first time I helped out at the greenhouse because I had a lot of fun doing something really cool.”